Skylab Program Commemorative

Design № 297426

This oversized 7" fully embroidered design illustrates not only the three crewed increments but pays homage to the astronauts who served in support of the program.

Walt Cunningham the first Astronaut to serve as manager for the Astronaut Office.

Bob Crippen, William Thornton and Bo Bobko the SMEAT crew. Skylab Medical Experiment Altitude Test was a 56 day simulation in a chamber at JSC to evaluate equipment and procedures.

Hank Hartsfield and Dick Truly who served as support crew.

Rusty Schweikart, Bruce McCandless and Story Musgrave who backed up the first crew and Vance Brand, Bill Lenoir and Don Lind who backed up the second and third crews.

The border colors evoke the mustard brown clothing worn on orbit.

Tim Gagnon

 Approximately 7" Diameter

$ 20.00 $20.00

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