Gemini 11 Souvenir Version

Design № 15963

The Gemini 11 flight achieved its primary goal of rendezvous with the unmanned Gemini 11 Target Vehicle launched 97 minutes earlier. Four practice dockings were accomplished. Astronaut Gordon's planned EVA was cut short after 44 minutes when his prescribed tasks caused perspiration to blind his eyes. Later in the flight, Gordon completed a stand-up EVA of two hours, eight minutes. During this time, he conducted photographic experiments. The flight set a new altitude record of 850 miles. Re-entry occurred an September 15 after completing 44 orbits in 71 hours, 17 minutes.

Launch Date: September 12, 1966, 9:42 AM EST Launch Vehicle: Titan II Crew: Command Pilot: Charles Conrad, Jr. Pilot: Richard F. Gordon, Jr.

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