Gemini 12

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This mission was noteworthy for the successful rendezvous and three dockings with the unmanned Gemini 12 Target Vehicle launched 98 minutes earlier. The astronauts took photos of the solar eclipse on November 12. Astronaut Lovell conducted two EVA'S; one stand-up EVA of 208 minutes and the second being an umbilical EVA of 129 minutes, Astronaut Lovell became the most traveled man in history. The mission ended successfully after completing 59 orbits in a flight lasting 94 hours, 35 minutes. This mission marked the last Gemini flight.

Launch Date: November 11, 1966, 3:47 PM EST Launch Vehicle: Titan II Crew: Command Pilot: James A. Lovell, Jr. Pilot: Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.

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