Apollo 15

Design № 17992

Apollo 15 Crew


David R. Scott Alfred M. Worden James B. Irwin
Commander Command Service Module Pilot Lunar Module Pilot

This flight marked the world's fourth lunar landing and return mission. After a 25-minute delay in the CSM-LM undocking, the Lunar Module "Falcon" landed on the Moon July 30 at 6:16 PM EDT. This was the first mission to deploy the Lunar Roving Vehicle, which traveled 17.2 miles across the lunar surface. First lunar orbital science payload carried in the Service Module bay. First ground-controlled remote operation of a TV camera on the Moon. First sub-satellite launched from the CSM in lunar orbit. The Lunar Module lifted off the Moon 66 hours, 55 minutes after touchdown. The CSM "Endeavor" departed for Earth after 74 lunar orbits. After completing a 12-day, seven hour, 12 minute mission, Apollo 15 landed safely in Mid-Pacific.

Apollo 15 Launch Date: July 26, 1971, 9:34 AM EDT Launch Vehicle: Saturn V

Approximately 4” Diameter

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