What is your return policy?

   If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us!  We will respond quickly and make things right.

How quickly do you ship?

   Most orders will ship in 3-5 business days.

How do you ship in the USA?

   We use United States Postal Service as our carrier of choice, UPS and DHL are available if you choose to use them.

What do you mean by "Free Domestic Shipping on Orders $30 & over" ?

 If you spend more than $30 we pay for the shipping!  And generally we ship the patches via USPS First Class Package with a tracking # but sometimes we splurge and ship USPS Priority on our dime.

Is tracking available?

   You must select and pay for First Class Package or better to get tracking.

Can you ship it to get to me faster?

   Yes, we offer multiple shipment options at checkout. 

Do you ship internationally?

   Yes, via use USPS First-Class™ International, UPS and DHL are available if you choose to use them.

 How do I apply the patches ?

   All emblems are sew-on, except the NASA Vectors which are iron-on.

What is Bernie’s Emblem Bond™ ?

   It allows for quick attachment of a space patch to a garment, bag, or an accessory like a phone case. The bond that’s created with Bernie’s Emblem Bond™ is long-lasting. Bernie’s Emblem Bond™

What sizes are your patches?

   Almost all of the shuttle mission patches are approximately 4" in at least one direction. Most of the patches have the dimensions specified in the description.

Where we make our NASA patches.

   Since the 1970s, we have been making the NASA mission patches for the astronauts in Weaverville NC and always will.

   We own and operate factories in North Carolina, Mexico and China. Depending on production scheduling issues and amount of work needed in a particular factory, we will make the NASA patches we sell at retail and to the general public in one of these three factories. We use the same digital patterns and raw materials in all three of our factories.

   We do have a line of old Schiffli machine patches that were made in Weaverville in the 80s and 90s, and we call them the New Old Stock Collection.