Bernie’s Emblem Bond™

Allows for quick attachment of a space patch to a garment, bag, or an accessory like a phone case.

The bond that’s created with Bernie’s Emblem Bond™ is long-lasting. It is not intended for temporary attachment. It is normal for this product to be very aggressive. It will leave a residue if the patch is removed. So, please use accordingly and with consideration.



Steps for Pre-Cut:

  1. Prewash the garment without a fabric softener.
  2. Bend to open the paper tab and peel off ½ of the liner only.
  3. Carefully line up the non-adhesive ½ with the patch shape. Reposition as needed.
  4. Doing this will line up the adhesive part for you.
  5. Place and press matching the patch shape with the adhesive 1/2.
  6. Next, peel off paper backing on the other ½. Place and press to complete.
  7. Bend and peel off ½ of the paper liner on the other side. Fold over for removal later.
  8. Carefully line up the patch to the desired item placement using the non-adhesive ½.
  9. Take your time. Get it straight. Measuring is recommended.
  10. When you are ready, you can place and press the adhesive ½ to the garment.
  11. Then, remove the other ½ of the liner and press to complete the process.
  12. Flip the garment over (or turn inside out). Rub the back of the patch using the edge of a metal spoon. Press hard and work it over. You want to create a tight seal from edge-to-edge.
  13. Good work! You can now wear the item.
  14. When you can, it is important to put the item into a clothes dryer for 15 minutes on the Tumble Dry Low setting. Then, rub the back of the patch again.
  15. This step cures the adhesive. No ironing or sewing required. Once cured, your patch will be attached for a longtime.
  16. Do not pick at it or wash the garment for 48 hours.
  17. When you do wash it, use cold or warm water only and tumble dry low or medium only.
  18. IMPORTANT: For accessory items like phone cases, heat curing is NOT recommended or needed, please skip this step. Rubbing the back side of the patch may not be possible either.


  1. For best results, apply Bernie’s Emblem Bond™to dry items (not wet or damp).
  2. If an item has been treated with a stain or water repellent coating, the bond may not be satisfactory. We do not recommend using Bernie’s Emblem Bond™ in that instance.

    Questions? Please watch our YouTube instructional video


    Steps for Cut to Fit:

    1. Place sheet on smooth surface scored side up.
    2. Place patch face up on Bernie’s Emblem Bond™ covering a portion of the scored line.
    3. Trace outline of patch with pencil.
    4. Remove patch.
    5. Carefully cut traced outline with a pair of sharp scissors.
    6. Now follow all steps for a Pre-Cut Bernie’s Emblem Bond™.

    Questions? Please watch our instructional video for cut to fit