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LM-3 Apollo 9

LM-3 Apollo 9


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LM-3 Apollo 9 Replica Patch

"Following the successful test of the uncrewed Apollo Lunar Module LM-1 in January 1968, LM-3 was to be the first Lunar Module flown with a crew.

Launched by the mighty Saturn V rocket with Apollo 9 on March 3, 1969, LM-3, call-sign "Spider", was flown in earth orbit, testing separation, docking, and rendez-vous procedures. This milestone flight paved the way for the lunar landing missions that followed.

The 3⅓ x 3½" (85 x 87mm) fully-embroidered patch shown above represents what I believe to be the most accurate replica of the original patch design produced to-date."

Chris Spain

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