Japan Flag

Design № 169471


Flag of Japan

approximately 3 ½” wide by 2 3/8”  tall

List of Japanese Astronauts who flew on USA Space Missions

Takao Doi 土井 隆雄 STS87, STS-123

Satoshi Furukawa 古川 聡 Exp 28/29

Akihiko Hoshide (星出 彰彦 STS-124 Exp 32/33

Mamoru Mohri (毛利 衛 STS-47, STS-99

Chiaki Mukai (向井 千秋 STS-65, STS-95

Soichi Noguchi (野口 聡 STS-114, Exp 22/23

Takuya Onishi (大西 卓哉 Exp 48/49

Koichi Wakata (若田 光 STS-72, STS-92, STS-119, STS-127, Exp 18, Exp 19, Exp 20, Exp 38/39

Naoko Yamazaki (山崎 直子 STS-131

Kimiya Yui (油井 亀美也 Exp44/45










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