Apollo 1 Commemorative Spirit

Design № 272999

To commemorate the brave heroes of the Apollo 1 mission, we have partnered with well know and respected space artists and enthusiasts Tim Gagnon (also known as KSCartist) and Dr. Jorge Cartes of Madrid Spain.  

These 5" Commemorative patches are truly beautiful and unique. 

"The patch depicts the descent stage of the Lunar Module on the surface of Tranquility Base. The American Flag is proudly displayed on the Moon signifying the accomplishment of not only the NASA and Contractor teams but of the entire nation. In the foreground is the Apollo 1 emblem left on the Moon by Armstrong and Aldrin. Five Apollo spacecraft fly over Tranquility Base in the “Missing Man” formation. They are the spacecraft of Apollo 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13 – the missions that did not land but which paved the way for the missions that would follow them.
The quote at the top is an excerpt of the remarks by CDR Grissom during a preflight press conference." 

-Tim Gagnon


For more information on these patches and others, visit Tim's website: http://www.kscartist.com/

 Thanks Tim!!

$ 12.00 $12.00

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