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Three communications satellites were successfully deployed: Morelos-1 (Mexico), Arabsat 1-B (Arab Satellite Communications Organization) and Telstar 3-D (AT & T). Also deployed an experiment for the Strategic Defense Initiative, a materials processing furnace and French biomedical experiments. Landing was at Edwards Air Force Base, CA on June 24 at 9:11 AM EDT. Mission duration was seven days, one hour, 38 minutes. Space Shuttle Discovery traveled 2.9 million miles in 112 orbits. 

Launch Date: June 17, 1985 at 7:33 AM EDT Launch Vehicle: Discovery Crew: Commander: Daniel Brandenstein, Pilot:John Creighton, Mission Specialists:Shannon Lucid, Steven Nagel, John Fabian, Payload Specialists: Patrick Baudry, Saltan Al-Saud.

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