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This flight marked the first dedicated German Spacelab mission. The eight member crew was the largest to date. Mission highlights included basic and applied microgravity research in the fields of materials science, life sciences and technology. The Space Shuttle Challenger was controlled from the Johnson Space Center, with scientific operations controlled from the German Space Operations Center near Munich. Challenger landed at Edwards Air Force Base, CA on November 6 at 12:44 PM EST after a successful flight of seven days, 44 minutes, 51 seconds.

Launch Date: October 30, 1985 at 12 Noon EST Launch Vehicle: Challenger Crew: Commander: Henry W. Harsfield, Pilot: Steven R. Nagel, Mission Specialists: James F. Buchli, Guion S. Bluford, Bonnie J. Dunbar, Payload Specialists: Ernst Messerschmidt, Wubbo Ockles, Reinhard Furrer.

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