Design № 70125

Ninth Endeavour flight. Cargo bay payloads consisted of the second flight of the Wake Shield Facility, the deployment and recapture of the Spartan 201 and the International Extreme Hitchhiker. Other payloads on the flight were the Capillary Pumped Loop-2 Gas Bridge Assembly, Electrolysis Performance Improvement Concept Study, National Institutes of Health-Cell-4 and the Thermal Energy Storage Experiment. Landed September 18, 1995 at Kennedy Space Center, FL. Mission Duration: 260 hours 29 minutes 56 seconds.

Launch Date: September 7, 1995 Launch Vehicle: Endeavor Crew: Commander: David M. Walker, Pilot: Kenneth D. Cockrell, PLC: James S. Voss, Mission Specialists: James H. Newman, Michael L. Gernhardt.

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