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2TV-1 test project replica patch - NASA Apollo Command Module test program

"2TV-1 was a crewed thermal vacuum chamber test of North American Rockwell's Block II Apollo Command and Service Module, performed from June 16 to 24, 1968. The test at NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center set out to simulate a complete crewed Apollo mission as closely as possible.

The crew designed the mission patch to resemble the NASA "meatball" insignia, with the roadrunner symbolizing the fast pace of the Apollo program and the  flightless nature of the ground-based 2TV-1 test. The Latin motto for the mission translates as "The Proud Bird with the Heavy Tail".


The patch is partially embroidered on blue twill with a 3" (75mm) center as per the original, represents what I believe to be the most accurate replica of the original 2TV-1 patch design produced to-date."

Chris Spain

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