Crew Medical Officer

Design № 458146

This patch is a special collaboration with Joanna Kerwin, the daughter of former astronaut Dr. Joe Kerwin. His only flight (Skylab I/2) took place 50 years ago and he was the very first American medical doctor to fly in space.

The patch celebrates all those who followed in his footsteps. The design features a medical

"Caduceus / Astronaut Pin" flying away from Earth. It is bordered by the icons of past and current programs beginning with Skylab. Dr. Joe Kerwin's name is on the contrail.

The Moon, Mars and deep space beckon future exploration.

As the length of exploration missions increase in duration: in Low Earth Orbit, to the Moon and eventually Mars, the role of Crew Medical Officer will become more critical. This patch celebrates the 50 year history as well as the future role of the CREW MEDICAL OFFICER.

Tim Gagnon


4.5"  fully embroidered

Made in China

$ 12.00 $12.00

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