Apollo 14

Design № 16822

This flight marked the third lunar landing and return mission. First use of mobile equipment transporter (a small two-wheeled handcart) on the lunar surface. Time on the lunar surface, distance traversed and payload returned from the Moon were considerably greater than previous missions. After a delayed liftoff and modified translunar trajectory, the Lunar Module "Antares" landed on the Moon on February 5 at 4:18 AM EST. Landing occurred in the Fra Mauro highlands, just 87 feet from its target point. Astronauts Shepard and Mitchell made two excursions on the lunar surface totaling nine hours, 24 minutes, while Roosa conducted scientific experirnents from the CSM in lunar orbit. Lunar liftoff occurred on February 5 after 33 hours and 32 minutes on the Moon. Rendezvous, docking and transfer were normal. The Command Module and its crew landed safely at 4:05 PM EST on February 9 in Mid-Pacific, within one mile of its planned landing point. 

Apollo 14 Launch Date: January 31, 1971, 4:03 PM EST Launch Vehicle: Saturn V Crew: Commander: Alan B. Shepard, Command Service Module Pilot: Stuart A. Roosa, Lunar Module Pilot: Edgar D. Mitchell

Approximately 4” x 3 3/4”

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