Apollo Soyuz Program

Design № 22892

This emblem, designed by the Soviets, was commissioned by NASA to mark the first international manned space flight. The five-year program was conducted to establish space rescue techniques for the USA and the USSR, conduct scientific experiments, and to study the feasibility of more ambitious joint future projects. This mission marked the first major cooperation between the only two nations then engaged in manned space flight. It was the first meeting of two manned spacecraft of different nations in space. The flight established workable joint docking mechanisms, thus taking the firsts steps toward developing mutual space rescue capabilities. 3 3/8 diameter.

Apollo Soyuz Test July 15, 1975 at 3:50 PM EDT Launch Vehicle: Saturn 1B Crew: Commander: Thomas P. Stafford DockingModule Pilot: Donald K. Slayton, Command Module Pilot: Vance D. Brand,USSR Commander: Aleksey A. Leonov, Flight Engineer: Valery N. Kubasov

Approximately 3 1/4” Diameter

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