Endeavour Exhibit Commemorative

Design № 461031

Endeavour Exhibit Commemorative 

As with the other patches, this design is inspired by the way the orbiter is to be exhibited in its museum.


Endeavour, being stacked for launch with actual flight Solid Rocket Boosters and an External Tank promises to be as dramatic as anything ever seen. 


Each patch has a gold rope inner border because each Shuttle Orbiter was named after Naval research vessels.


 The stars on this patch represent every Endeavour mission but this time are displayed the same way stars are shown on the Great Seal of California.


The orbiter was flown away from the Kennedy Space Center in September, 2012. After a layover in Texas Endeavour arrived at LAX and was towed to the CaliforniaScienCenter for temporary display until December 2023.


 LAX, the new Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center building and the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign are illustrated to represent the orbiter's permanent home.. Endeavour is shown lit by the ubiquitous Hollywood spotlights illustrating its “premier exhibit opening.”


In the center area are highlights of Endeavour missions. Clockwise from lower left: Spacelab (STS-47), TDRS (STS-54), Hubble (STS-61), MIR (STS-89) and the ISS.

5"  fully embroidered

Made in China

$ 15.00 $15.00

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