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Enterprise Exhibit Commemorative

Enterprise Exhibit Commemorative


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 Enterprise Exhibit Commemorative

The design highlights the lifespan of OV-101 Enterprise, starting with the first approach and landing tests in 1977.

Fit checks at Kennedy Space Center LC-39 with the white booster tank in 1979, then another fit check at Vandenberg Air Force Base with an orange External tank in the mid 1980’s.

Each patch has a gold rope inner border because each Shuttle Orbiter was named after Naval research vessels. But in this case we know the real namesake of this orbiter.

The sunset symbolizes the end of the Space Shuttle Program. The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and the crawler-way on the left and the New York City skyline on the right, where Enterprise was delivered to be on permanent exhibit on deck of the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier. The Statue of Liberty and the new World Trade Center building are shown.

The stars along the bottom border represent the parts of the Approach and Landing Test Program.

Three Taxi Tests atop the 747
Eight Captive Inert (Enterprise uncrewed)/Captive Active (Enterprise crewed) Test Flights
Five Free Flights

5"  fully embroidered

Made in China

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