Mission Control 1983

Design № i8737

The MOD emblem was originally developed for the mission control team in 1973 to recognize their unique contribution to the manned space program, from Mercury, though Gemini, to Apollo.


As the Shuttle program completed its Orbital Flight Test program in 1983, the emblem was revised as the 
Mission Operations Directorate was formed from the consolidation of Flight Control, Mission Control Center 
facility, and Mission Planning and Design functions at the Johnson Space Center. The Shuttle vehicle became 
a centerpiece of the design, and the banner changed from “Mission Control” to “Mission Operations” to inspire 
not only flight controllers but the contributions of the broader MOD team. The decision was made to retain all 
of the other elements of the original design. A further revision was made in late 2004, with the artistic help of graphic designer Mike Okuda, to incorporate the International Space Station into the design to recognize the achievements and contributions of the team supporting that program.

Approximately 4” Diameter

$ 8.00 $8.00

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