NASA Meatball Type III

Design № 437920

NASA Meatball the Early Apollo Days

This is our best effort at a reproduction

"For Apollo 1 the NASA logo patch used by the crews on their space suits was the white-bordered version shown here. The same design was used by the crews of Apollos 7, 8, 9 and 11 on their post-flight jump suits. Note that the Apollo 9 crew in fact had two different sets of jump suits, one with this patch and the other with the blue-bordered Type IV patch.

Although very similar in appearance to the Type II patch, this design can be distinguished by the fact that the top of the last "A" overlays the red vector, whereas in the earlier versions the red vector cuts through the top of the "A". The point of the vector is also thicker in this version than the earlier ones. Finally, the serif on the letter "N" is much more pronounced, with the top left of the "N" almost reaching the left border."

Chris Spain

Made in the USA

The diameter of the center of the patch is approximately 3 inches.

The red vector extends roughly ⅞ inch outside to the right and ¼ inch to the left.
$ 10.00 $10.00

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