NASA Meatball Type V

Design № 440219

NASA Meatball the Late Apollo Days

This is our best effort at a reproduction

"For Apollo 13 and Apollos 16 and 17 the NASA logo patch used by the crews on their post-flight jump suits was the blue-bordered version shown here. This also appears to be the version worn by the Apollo 11 crew on their post-flight Biological Isolation Garments.

Although very similar in appearance to the Type IV patch the Type V version can be differentiated by the much bolder large stars. The small star beneath the top-most large star is also displaced more to the right in this version and the two small stars inside the upper left end of the orbital ellipse are more widely separated.

This is the blue bordered patch that was apparently sold commercially by AB Emblem. Early cloth back versions of the commercial patch are thus the same as those worn by the later Apollo crews.

It should be noted that Jack Swigert wore a white border patch on his post-recovery flight suit as shown in 70-H-0641 , although he also wore a second suit with a Type V blue border patch that is visible in other post-recovery photos."

Chris Spain

Made in the USA

The diameter of the center of the patch is approximately 3 inches.

The red vector extends roughly ⅞ inch outside to the right and ¼ inch to the left.
$ 10.00 $10.00

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