Talon T-38N

Design № i8553

Two seat advanced trainer Powerplants: Two 11.9kN (2680lb) dry and 17.1kN (3850lb) with afterburning General Electric J85-GE-5 turbojets. Performance: Max speed at 36,000ft Mach 1.22 or 1295km/h (700kt), max cruising speed 930km/h (502kt). Max initial rate of climb 33,600ft/min. Service ceiling 53,600ft. Ferry range 1760km (950nm), typical range 1385km (747nm). Weights: Empty 3255kg (7175lb), max takeoff 5465kg (1 2,050lb). Dimensions: Wing span 7.70m (25ft 3in), length 14.14m (46ft 5in), height 3.92m (12ft 11 in). Wing area 15.8m^2 (170.0sq ft).

Accommodation: Two in tandem. Armament: Usually none, although Portuguese T-38s (now retired) were equipped to fire AIM-9 Sidewinder AAMs. T-38B LIFT aircraft (AT3813s) were equipped to carry practice bombs and rockets, plus a minigun pod. Operators: Germany, Taiwan, Turkey, US. History: The supersonic Talon is the US Air Force's advanced trainer and is a development of Northrop's N-1 56 light fighter proposal. 

Approximately 3 1/2” x 3”

$ 8.00 $8.00

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