Design № MH9181

The highest priority objectives of the flight are the installation, activation and checkout of the robotic arm on the station. The operation of the arm is critical to the capability to continue assembly of the International Space Station and to attach a new airlock to the station on the subsequent shuttle flight, mission STS-104, planned for launch in June. A final component of the Canadian Arm is the Mobile Base System (MBS) that will be installed onboard the station during the UF-2 STS-111 flight. 

Launch Date: April 19, 2001 2:41 p.m. EDT Launch Vehicle: Endeavor Crew: Kent V. Rominger, Jeffrey S. Ashby, Chris A. Hadfield, Scott E. Parazynski, John L. Phillips, Umberto Guidoni Yuri, Valentinovich Lonchakov

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