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Space Shuttle Atlantis' flight to the International Space Station included several milestones. First, STS-110 delivered the S0 (S-Zero) Truss -- the first of nine pieces that will make up the station's external framework that will eventually consist of nine pieces and stretch 109 meters (356 feet). STS-110 Mission Specialist Jerry Ross became the first human to be launched into space seven times. With the two spacewalks that he performed, he tightened his grip on the most U.S. spacewalks (nine) and spacewalking time -- 58 hours, 18 minutes. Second on the list for both spacewalking milestones is Ross' crewmate Mission Specialist Steve Smith, who also conducted two spacewalks during STS-110 to give him a total of 49 hours, 48 minutes during seven spacewalks. The mission had other spacewalk milestones. This was the first time that the station's robotic arm was used to maneuver spacewalkers around the station, and it was the first time that all of a shuttle crew's spacewalks were based out the station's Quest Airlock. Atlantis also had a milestone. When STS-110 launched on April 8, 2002, it became the first shuttle to use three Block II Main Engines.

Launch Date: April 8, 200 23:44 p.m. CDT Launch Vehicle: Atlantis Crew: Bloomfield Frick Ochoa Ross Walheim Smith Morin.

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