Design № 65958


Commander Ronald J. Grabe
Pilot Steven S. Oswald
Mission Specialists Norman E. Thagard
William F. Readdy
David C. Hilmers
Payload Specialists Roberta L. Bonder
Ulf D. Merbold


  • Depicts the orbiter with the Spacelab module aboard.
  • The spacecraft is oriented in a quiescent, tail-to-Earth, gravity-gradient attitude to best support the various microgravity payloads and experiments.
  • The international composition of the crew is depicted by symbols representing Canada and the European Space Agency.
  • The number 42 is represented by six white stars --- four on one side of the orbiter and two on the other.
  • The single gold star above Earth's horizon honors the memory of astronaut Manley L. (Sonny) Carter
  • Blue letters set against white give the surnames of the five astronauts and two payload specialists for the flight.
  • Designed by the crew


  • Fourteenth Discovery flight.
  • Launch Date: January 22, 1992

The International Microgravity Laboratory (ML-1) studied the effects of microgravity on living organisms and materials processes.

Landed January 30, 1992 at Edwards Air Force Base, Ca.

Mission Duration: 193 hours 15 minutes 49 seconds.

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