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First flight of a United States Senator in space. Canadian Anik C-1 Communications Satellite was successfully deployed. Leasat 3 satellite also was successfully deployed, but its "kick motor" failed to ignite. Mission was extended two days to attempt satellite repairs. Griggs and Hoffman performed EVA to make repairs, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Landed at Kennedy Space Center, FL on April 19 at 8:55 AM EST. Mission duration was six days, 23 hours, 55 minutes and 20 seconds. Space Shuttle Discovery traveled 2 million miles in 110 orbits. 

Launch Date: April 12, 1985 at 8:50 AM EST Launch Vehicle: Discovery Crew: Commander: Karol J. Bobko, Pilot: Donald E. Williams, Mission Specialists: M. Rhea Seddon, S. David Griggs, Jeffery A. Hoffman, Charles D. Walker, Payload Specialists: Senator E. J. "Jake" Gar.

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