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AUSSAT-1 and ASC-1 satellites were successfully deployed on August 27, LEASAT-4 deployed on August 29. Fisher and Van Holten performed seven hours, one minute EVA on August 31 and an EVA of four hours and 26 minutes on September 1 to repair and redeploy LEASAT-3 (which was first deployed from Space Shuttle Discovery during the 51-D mission in April, 1985). Landed at Edwards Air Force Base, CA at 9:16 AM, EDT on September 3 on the 112th orbit. Mission duration: seven days, two hours, 18 minutes. 

Launch Date: August 27, 1985 6:58 AM EDT Launch Vehicle: Discovery Crew: Commander: Joe H. Engle, Pilot:Richard O. Covey, Mission Specialists:James Van Holten, John M. Lounge,William F. Fisher.

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