STS-60 (Russian)

Design № 138403

Eighteenth Discovery flight. This was the first flight with a Russian cosmonaut on board. The Wake Shield Facility was unsuccessful when it failed to deploy its 3 meter shield. SPACEHAB-2 carried 12 payloads for experimentation in materials processing and biotechnology. Landed February 11, 1994 at Kennedy Space Center, FL. Mission Duration: 199 hours 9 minutes 22 seconds. 

Launch Date: February 3, 1994 Launch Vehicle: Discovery Crew: Commander: Charles Bolden, Pilot: Ken Reightler, Mission Specialists: Franklin Chang-Diaz, Jan Davis, Ronald Sega, Sergei Krikale

MADE in the USA

Approximately 4” Diameter

$ 8.00 $8.00

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