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This was the second night launch of a Space Shuttle. Astronaut Neri became the first Mexican national to fly in space. Three communications satellites were successfully deployed. Two experiments were conducted to test the feasibility of assembling erectable structures in space. These experiments required two EVAs by Mission Specialists Ross and Spring lasting five hours, 32 minutes and six hours, 38 minutes. Landed December 3 at Edwards Air Force Base, CA at 4:33 PM EST. Mission elapsed time: six days, 21 hours and four minutes.

Launch Date: November 26, 1985 at 7:29 PM EST Launch Vehicle: Atlantis Crew: Commander: Brewster H. Shaw, Jr., Pilot: Bryan D. O'Conner, Mission Specialists: Mary L. Cleave, Sherwood C. Spring, Jerry L. Ross, Payload Specialists: Rodolfo Neri Vela, Charles Walker

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