Design № 454429

This is our best effort of a reproduction of this patch design. Columbia was to carry the ASTRO-1 observatory, which would be used to make astronomical observations including observations of Halley's Comet. ASTRO-1 consisted of three ultraviolet telescopes mounted on two Spacelab pallets, controlled by the Instrument Pointing System (IPS) which was first tested on STS-51-F. This mission, along with space shuttle launches from the west coast, was canceled following the Challenger disaster in January 1986.  

The flight was later manifested as STS-35.

If STS-61E had flown as planned, the flight details would have been:

Launch Date: March 6, 1986

Launch Vehicle: Discovery


Commander: Jon A. McBride

Pilot: Richard N. Richards

Mission Specialists: Jeffrey A. Hoffman, David C. Leestma, Robert A. Parker

Payload Specialists: Samuel T. Durrance, Ronald A. Parise


Reproduction of this design from the source material was guided by David T. Pinson working with  the AB Emblem design team.  

Approximately 4" x 4 1/2"

$ 8.00 $8.00

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