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This was the twentieth Atlantis flight. The 7th MIR Docking mission carried a Spacelab double module for a docking with MIR, cargo transfer and an astronaut exchange. Highlights include five days of Shuttle/MIR docked operations and exchange of crew members Foale and Wolf. Lawrence was scheduled to replace Foale onboard MIR, however, due to concerns about the minimum size restrictions of the Russian MIR Orlan EVA Spacesuit, Wolf was selected in her place. Wolf was originally scheduled to fly on STS 89 to MIR to join the crew. Landed at Kennedy Space Center, FL. on October 6, 1997. Mission Duration: 10 days 19 hours 22 minutes 12 seconds. 

Launch Date: September 25, 1997 at 10:34 PM EDT Launch Vehicle: Atlantis Crew: Commander: James D. Wetherbee, Pilot: Michael J. Bloomfield, Mission Specialists: Vladimar G. Titov, Scott E. Parazynski, , Wendy B. Lawrence, Jean-Loup J. M. Chretien, David A. Wolf, Download: C. Michael Foale

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