Women Astronauts 40th

Design № 453522


“This patch is a tribute to the original six U.S. women astronauts: Sally Ride, Judy Resnik, Kathy Sullivan, Anna Fisher, Rhea Seddon and Shannon Lucid. The original patch on the left is a limited-edition commemorative that Jorge Cartes and I created in 2018. It was well received and soon sold out.

Kathy, Rhea and Anna were consultants on the design of this patch. During public appearances they told me they would frequently be asked about the patch and so I approached AB Emblem to make a permanent version.

All were Shuttle astronauts, so the Space Shuttle is depicted launching and on orbit. Bordering the new design is a U.S. Flag with six stars for the “Original 6” women astronauts.

An astronaut pin is illustrated at an angle behind the figures, and the Ancient Greek symbol for ‘female’ is incorporated into the elliptical shape encircling the trio of trajectories making up the astronaut pin.

The “Vitruvian WoMan” - like figure is divided. The left-side depicts Judy Resnik, a woman wearing shorts and a polo shirt and also the blue flight suit which is common apparel worn on missions during the mid-80s. I chose to honor Judy because she wrote to my daughter and niece ten days before she launched aboard Challenger in 1986.

The right-side is a shuttle EMU spacesuit; a tribute to Kathy Sullivan being the first woman to conduct a spacewalk. Kathy donated one of her original 2018 patches to the Smithsonian to be a part of her official collection.

My initials and Jorge’s are ghost stitched below the orbiting Shuttle.”

Tim Gagnon


Approximately 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Made in China

$ 12.00 $12.00

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