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Women of Space

Women of Space


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Women of Space - Feminae Spatii

As the main objective of space exploration is to improve life on Earth, the globe is supported by female hands, The iconic symbol of women is in gold. The 13 stars in the sky celebrate the "Mercury 13" who successfully completed the same medical tests as the Original Mercury 7. While these women did not have the opportunity to fly, their efforts inspired multiple generations of women who came after them.

This design by KSCartist - Tim Gagnon celebrates women from around the world who are involved in every facet of space related careers. Scientists, Engineers, Physicists, Astronomers, Technicians, Media and Communications, Meteorologists, Photographers, Producers, Public Relations, Writers and of course Astronauts. Obviously the list is incomplete but you get the idea. My goal is to foster an "espirit de corps" among women around the world who work together and separately to advance our understanding of the universe. This patch is for all of them.

Approximately 4 1/2" Diameter
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